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StreetFair Poster Contest

The U District StreetFair is celebrating its 49th  year on The Ave! Help us promote our fantastic event by submitting a design to our annual poster contest


Content – We are a family friendly fair and many of our fair-goers like to collect our new StreetFair poster each year. Your design should be family friendly and appeal to a wide variety of people. Feel free to use the previous year’s posters below as inspiration, but a winning poster will stand out for its uniqueness. Please make sure to include the name and date of the fair, May 19th and 20th 2018, in your design.

Format -  Your poster can be created in any medium, but should be submitted to us digitally in either .pdf, .ai, or .eps file format by March 25, 2018. The final poster will be printed vertically at 18″ x 24″. We may also need to alter your design slightly to create web and print ads.

Submission – Please send your artwork to along with your name, phone number, and a paragraph sharing with us your experiences with the U District and/or the StreetFair and how that informed your submission. Including “Poster Contest” in the subject line of your email will also help us in finding your submission.

Judging Criteria:

  • Does it represent the unique and diverse character of the U District?
  • Does the artist have history with the U District?
  • Does it highlight the fact that it’s our 49th year (the longevity of the fair)?
  • Will it appeal to a variable family friendly audience?
  • Does it lend itself to manipulation for online and print use, including space for our sponsors?

What happens if I win?

The winning submission will be announced by March 31, 2018 and if your poster is selected, you will see your poster in shop windows, on bus ads, and in advertisements in The Seattle Times! Additionally, we will award our winner a $1,000 cash prize! In prior years, our artists have also joined us at the StreetFair Info Booth during the event to sign poster copies for fair goers.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call our office at 206-547-4417.

Legal Disclaimer

The maximum sum that can be awarded to any one individual is $1,000.00 US. In order to claim their prizes, winners must disclose their Social Security numbers to the U District Partnership. Any federal, state, or other tax, license, or fee imposed upon the prize winners or the prize will be the sole responsibility of the prize winners.

All profits from any sales of the poster will go to the U District Partnership. The sole financial consideration for the artist is the prize. Posters may be displayed leading up to the StreetFair, reproduced in the official program and/or on the official U District StreetFair website,, at the sole discretion of the the U District Partnership.

All winning entries become the property of the the U District Partnership. Except as used by the U District Partnership, all artists, including winners, will retain the rights to their work. Entry in the contest constitutes full permission to publish names and photos of winners without further compensation. The determination of eligibility of entries and any interpretation of these rules is at the sole discretion of the U District Partnership, and shall be final and binding upon all entrants.

By submitting to the contest, the entrant agrees to abide by and be bound by these rules.

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