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StreetFair Poster Contest

The U District StreetFair celebrated its 49th year on The Ave! Help us promote our fantastic event by submitting a design to our annual poster contest.

Congratulations to the winner of the poster contest this year— Grace Rajendran!

“I’ve worked in the U. District since I moved to the United States and I love the diversity, open-mindedness, and welcoming nature of the community. Here, I can enjoy cuisine from every corner of the globe, am surrounded by both natural and architectural beauty, and have met fascinating people from all over the world – from academics to artists. All of this is reflected in the Street Fair, which I’ve attended and enjoyed for the past several years. My poster represents the colors and vibrancy of the area during this season, with a folk art focus which reflects its inherent bohemian free-spiritedness. In this creative neighborhood, I’ve made lasting friendships and even discovered my own artistic side. Leaving behind an entirely different country and culture, I consider myself fortunate to have moved here to the University District – because it has truly made me feel at home. ” — Grace Rajendran

2018-StreetFair-Poster Image

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