Fair Food

Experience delicious food from all around the world in one of our three food courts and on University Way! 

Check back soon to see the amazing variety of food and drinks available for 2018.

  • Caveman Eats—47th Street
  • Hapa Food Co.— 42nd Street
  • Hawaiian Barbeque—47th Street
  • Corn Dogs of the World—47th Street
  • Monster Dogs

  • 3 Little Sisters Filipino Deli—47th Street
  • Aloha Concessions—42nd Street

  • Delicious Asia Grill—42nd Street

  • Gogi on the Go

  • Panda Dim Sum—47th Street

  • RTI Inc. dba Kung Fu Ramen—42nd Street
  • Thai-ger Room—42nd Street
  • The Lemongrass—47th Street
  • Kenyan Kitchen East Afrikan Cuisine—42nd Street

  • Frelard Tamales—42nd Street

  • Lily’s Salvadorean
  • Pico De Gallo—47th Street
  • Al Forno Ferruzza

  • Kaleenka Piroshky—47th Street

  • Paella House, LLC—47th Street

  • Sebi’s Bistro—42nd Street
  • Zieglers Bratwurst Haus—42nd & 47th Street
  • CaribBean Cuisine—42nd Street

  • Moe’s Falafel—42nd Street
  • Anthony’s Concession – Pb Goodness—42nd Street

  • Puffle Up—42nd Street

  • Ray’s Food—47th Street
  • Banana Kingdom
  • The Corn Roasters—47th Street
  • Biringer Farm
  • Ibajella Ice Cream Cane—42nd Street

  • Scout’s Mini Donuts—47th Street
  • Shishaberry’s