Fair Food

Experience delicious food from all around the world in one of our three food courts and on University Way! 

The following vendors participated at the 2018 StreetFair:

  • Caveman Eats—47th Street
  • Hapa Food Co.— 42nd Street
  • Hawaiian Barbeque—47th Street
  • Corn Dogs of the World—47th Street
  • Monster Dogs

  • 3 Little Sisters Filipino Deli—47th Street
  • Aloha Concessions—42nd Street

  • Delicious Asia Grill—42nd Street

  • Gogi on the Go

  • Panda Dim Sum—47th Street

  • RTI Inc. dba Kung Fu Ramen—42nd Street
  • Thai-ger Room—42nd Street
  • The Lemongrass—47th Street
  • Kenyan Kitchen East Afrikan Cuisine—42nd Street

  • Frelard Tamales—42nd Street

  • Lily’s Salvadorean
  • Pico De Gallo—47th Street
  • Al Forno Ferruzza

  • Kaleenka Piroshky—47th Street

  • Paella House, LLC—47th Street

  • Sebi’s Bistro—42nd Street
  • Zieglers Bratwurst Haus—42nd & 47th Street
  • CaribBean Cuisine—42nd Street

  • Moe’s Falafel—42nd Street
  • Biringer Farm
  • Ibajella Ice Cream Cane—42nd Street

  • Scout’s Mini Donuts—47th Street
  • Shishaberry’s





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