March is Refer a Friend Month!

Thank you for applying to participate in the 2018 U District StreetFair! As the StreetFair is fast approaching, the U District Partnership would like to offer a special promotion to all qualified vendors until March 31st.

How to qualify for the special promotion: 
1. Refer a friend to apply to be a vendor at the Street Fair! 
2. On the referred vendor’s application, they must enter the appropriate promo code under “Refer a Friend Promo Code”  on the first page of application. 
  • For artisan and craft vendors, use promo code “REFERARTISANCRAFT”
  • For community and non-profits, use promo code “REFERNONPROF”
  • For commercial exhibitors, use promo code “REFERCOMMERCIAL”
  • For food vendors, use promo code “REFERFOOD”
  • For food trucks, use promo code “REFERFOODTRUCK” 
3. The referred vendor must also include the name of the vendor that referred them under the “Vendor ID and Name of vendor who referred you” on the second page of the application. 
4. Both step 2 and step 3 must be completed correctly in order to receive the discount. 
Once your friend has followed the steps above and their application is approved, both you AND your friend will get a $40 discount from the cost of your booth space.

Please note: You may refer as many friends as possible and will receive a $40 discount for each accepted application, but only up to the total cost of your booth space.

This promotion will end on March 31st, 2018.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the promotion, and thank you for your support of the 2018 U District StreetFair!


The StreetFair Staff