Where is the University District StreetFair?
The fair is located along University Way NE in Seattle, WA near the University of Washington. Here is a link to Google Maps. If you’re using another map service to find directions, use this address to reach the center of the fair: 4500 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Who is the University District StreetFair for? Who puts on the event?
StreetFair is for everybody, it’s a free community event open to the public.The University District StreetFair is organized by The U District Partnership (formerly the U District Chamber of Commerce) and is celebrating its 45th consecutive year on University Way!


What is the cost of the event?
The University District is a FREE open-air event.

What do the booths at StreetFair sell?
We do our best to present a wide range of vendors at the fair—from vendors selling fine art paintings to those selling bubble wands. You will also find food vendors and experiential artists. Generally speaking, product prices range from $10-100 with some less and some more. To see a list of who will be at the fair, visit our vendors section.

Can I pay vendors with a credit/debit card?
While many of our vendors do accept credit/debit cards some do not. It’s a great idea to bring a small amount of cash with you. We also have a number of ATMs located along University Way.


What happens if it rains? 
Rain or Shine, we will be celebrating!



Where should I stay if I’m arriving from out of town?
We’ve compiled a great list of local accommodations, view our Where To Stay page.


Is Drinking Allowed at Streetfair?
Only in designated areas, such as the Beer Garden and local establishments serving alcohol.

Where is the Beer Garden?
The Beer Garden is located on the South end of the Streetfair at 41st Street. It is hosted by Big Time Brewery, look for the large outdoor seating area.

Do I need ID for the Beer Garden?
Yes, the Washington State Liquor Control Board requires everyone to present valid ID to enter the Beer Garden. You must be at least 21 years of age, with a valid ID to enter the Beer Garden.

Any of the following are acceptable forms of ID:

  •  A driver’s license with a photo (from any state)
  •  A current passport
  • A DMV Identification Card*
  • A Military ID Card*

* Must have photo, name, address, date of birth, physical description of the person, and signature.


Is the StreetFair a family friendly event?
Yes, we do our best to provide a family friendly environment at the fair and we offer a special Kids Area, featuring activities and entertainment. We also reserve the right to refuse access to any guests who are participating in disorderly behavior.  All festival guests are expected to maintain responsible and appropriate behavior at all times. Any behavior defying the guest conduct policy as determined by event management can result in ejection and possible arrest.

The festival reserves the right to deny entry or eject from the facility guests displaying inappropriate behavior, as determined by event management. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Alcohol brought from outside the festival
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight
  • Bringing weapons of any kind into the festival
  • Interference with the event, or with participants of the event in any way
  • Throwing, tossing, or discharging any object
  • Standing on chairs/seats
  • Taunting or using offensive language
  • Disturbing other guests’ enjoyment of the event
  • Failure to comply with festival personnel
  • Unapproved amplified sound
  • Violating festival rules, regulations, and policies
  • Violating any local, state, or federal laws


What else is there to do in the University District?
So much! View our list of Arts and entertainment activities and list of local Neighborhood Restaurants & Bars.


Where are bathrooms located?
View our MAP here. (Note: Will be updated to accurately reflect locations close to the date of the event)


What should I do if I am injured?
If you see a StreetFair staff member nearby (they’ll all be wearing matching t-shirts), notify them immediately. We have radio access to on-site medical professionals at all times. If your injury is serious, there is no staff member nearby, or you are unsure, call 911. Basic first aid supplies are also available at the StreetFair Info Booth near the middle of the fair.


Can I busk (play music) at StreetFair?
Yes! We have designated busking areas and a few rules. Make sure you look at our rules before playing music.


How can I let you know something I liked or didn’t like during the fair? Where can I report a problem while I’m at the fair?

For all urgent matters, call or email Eli at Bold Hat Productions, 206-633-0422, extension 1