General Info


What should I be aware of if I plan to drive to StreetFair?
There are some times construction projects that may affect your usual route to the University District.
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Where should I park if I plan to drive to StreetFair?
There are several pay-to-park lots within a three block radius of StreetFair. However, bear in mind that these lots fill up by midday and can have high rates. Street parking is also available but highly limited. Whenever possible, we recommend taking the bus, your bike or walking to StreetFair.

Which bus should I take to get to the University District?
Use Google Maps to find bus times and routes or use King County Metro’s Trip Planner.

What if I want to ride my bike?
You Should! Here’s a few resources to help plan your trip, Google Map Biking DirectionsDOT’s Online Biking Guide Map, or download the Seattle Biking Map

What resources are available for people who need ?
StreetFair is open to people of all abilities and one of the benefits of being in the street is the easy of access to all of our great vendors. If you are in need of renting a wheelchair, scooter, or walker during the event, please contact Wheels for Feet. They will be on site all weekend and can meet you with your rental.