Be a Performer

Thank you for your interest in being a Performer!

We allow for a number of different types of performances at the StreetFair each year. With a Main Stage, an organized street performance area, and busking throughout the streets there will be plenty of spaces and opportunities to showcase your talents!


Musicians, please email


If you are interested in becoming a busker at the U District StreetFair, please read the busker rules below.

1. Busking is allowed at the U District StreetFair. Performance locations along University Way NE are generally located in bus shelters.
2. Some additional spaces along U Way may be available, however crowd control and allowing for clear pedestrian access will be the responsibility of the buskers. If there is not adequate pedestrian access to ensure safety, Street Fair Staff may ask the Busker to move to another location.
3. NO busking is allowed at the Intersection of NE 43rd or NE 42nd due to conflict with the stages. Busking is allowed at the intersection of NE 47th when there is not a scheduled performance.
4. NO busking is allowed on the sidewalk or in the spaces between vendor booths or behind vendor booths. This is strictly reserved for pedestrian walkways.
5. Please be respectful of the vendors and keep performance volume to a moderate level.
6. It is the responsibility of buskers to share the use of the space they perform in. When other buskers are waiting please limit your set to one hour.
7. StreetFair staff may assist buskers in enforcing the rotation of performers if necessary.
8. This is a family-friendly event, No profanity or nudity is allowed.

Questions regarding performance opportunities and busking please direct to:

Event Manager
(206) 547-4417